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Zoom Dale Square Black Eyeglasses from ANRRI, closed view
Zoom Dale Square Black Eyeglasses from ANRRI, angle view
Zoom Dale Square Black Eyeglasses from ANRRI, front view
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Size: Medium
Measurements: 49- 16 - 138
Gender: Unisex
Lens: Anti-scratch, Anti-reflective
Frame: TR90

Product Description

A prime example of geek chic that nullifies Hollywood's "nerd" stereotype. The modern IT specialists aren't only smarter (and earning much more) than their peers. By being exposed to petabytes of information, they have also acquired an impeccable sense of style. A stunning combination of a full black face with vibrant red temples, and square lenses, make this a superb choice for the hackers who know their game.




Do your lenses have an anti-reflective coating? Does it have UV400?

We have the best anti-reflective outer coating, which can eliminate computer glare and reduce eye pressure. Using our high-definition lens, you can experience the world more clearly and easily!

Our glasses have UV400, which can block invisible ultraviolet rays 100%. Our advanced blue light filter can filter the harmful blue light emitted by the digital screen, especially the blue light with the highest energy wavelength of 400-440 nm.

How do I submit my prescription?

After you purchase Rx, please upload your prescription during the checkout process, or choose to enter it yourself. Or you can email your prescription to If you do not provide us with a prescription, we will also contact you after your purchase.

How can check my order?

After you complete the payment, we will send you a confirmed email first. then after your order is shipped, you'll receive an email with the tracking number for you to follow the progress. Currently we ship our packages through USPS. We're as excited as you are to have the glasses delivered! :)

What is your return policy?

At ANRRI, we have guarantee with the quality of our eyewear. And ANRRI provide worry-free lifetime warranty and friendly customer service. If you’re not satisfied with the glasses (size or color), every order has a free replacement opportunity. Please simply contact us for a refund or a new replacement. 


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