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Shield your eyes with the most effective blue light lenses.

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Effectively filter blue light from your devices and say goodbye to:

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Digital Eyestrain

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Dry eyes

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Sleeping difficult

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Blurred vision

On average, we’re spending
up to 8 hours a day on screen

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What’s the problem with so much screen time?

by spending so much time on our devices, we’re exposing ourselves to more blue light than our eyes can handle. overexposure to blue light can lead to digital eyestrain which means a range of side effects including headaches, fatigue, decreased focus and nausea. too much blue light can also impact your body’s melatonin production and circadian rhythm, particularly if you are using devices a lot at nighttime, causing disruption to your natural sleep cycle.

We can solve this problem simply with blue light lens technology

The good news is that it’s very easy – and affordable – to protect your eyes from the harmful effects of blue light. All you need is the right pair of carefully crafted computer glasses with blue light lenses that effectively filter out artificial blue light. By filtering out blue light, you’ll instantly reduce or prevent digital eye strain and its related side effect. As a result, you’ll enjoy sharper and clearer vision, better focus and increased productivity.

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Choose a pair of blue light glasses that suit your needs

At ANRRI we offer prescription, non-prescription and reading lenses with a huge range of frames to suit your style, requirements and budget. Our blue light glasses are perfect for people who use their computers or devices around the clock for work or play, whether you’re experiencing digital eyestrain or not.