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blue light blocking introduction

Effectively reduce blue light

cut out up to 90% of blue light from your computer and device screens. You’ll notice the difference instantly.

blue light blocking

Improve your eye health

By cutting out blue light, you’ll reduce eye fatigue, dry eyes, blurred vision and headaches, ensuring you can operate at your full potential.

no more tired eyes

Sleep better, live better

By reducing your digital eyestrain and its related side effects, you’ll have a deeper and more restful sleep and therefore more enjoyable, productive and fulfilling days.

better sleep


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  • Non-prescription

    Lenses with no vision correction

  • Single-vision

    Lenses for myopia, hyperopia, or astigmatism correction

  • Progressives

    Lenses for seeing things both close and far away

  • Readers

    Lenses for seeing things up close

which lenses do you need?
  • Classic

    anti-scratch, impact resistant, block 100% of UV rays

  • Blue-light-filter

    protect your eyes from the negative side effects of phone, computer, and tablet screens

  • Light-responsive

    transition from clear to a darker tint outdoors

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