Collection: Yellow Sunglasses for Women and Men

Yellow is a more lively and jumping color, relatively speaking, it is more difficult to control. But yellow is a symbol of warmth and nobility and wealth. Shop our yellow sunglasses collection at ANRRI EYEWEAR!
Yellow Sunglasses for Women and Men
  • Alaia White Plastic Sunglasses from ANRRI, front view
    Alaia $45

What does wearing yellow sunglasses mean?

Those who spend a good deal of time outdoors at dusk or dawn will find that yellow tinted lenses can help their vision considerably. Foggy and overcast conditions likewise help make everything you see brighter and clearer, since yellow lenses absorb blue light and UV light.

Is yellow a good color for sunglasses?

Yellow lenses are gaining popularity because they are among the best choices for bringing in more light in hazy or low-light conditions. They also do an excellent job minimizing blue light, so they are perfect for looking at digital screens to help prevent glare and eye strain.