Collection: Spring Hinge Sunglasses with Flexible Arms

Are your sunglasses comfortable enough? Don't answer this question until you've tried a pair of spring hinge sunglasses. Sunglasses with spring hinges can be opened and closed smoothly to help the temples gently hold the head, increasing comfort and elastic fit. Many of our sunlasses are equipped with spring hinges, so take your time and you will find the one that suits your style best.
Spring Hinge Sunglasses with Flexible Arms
  • Charlie Brown TR 90 Sunglasses from ANRRI, front view
    Charlie $45

They are durable

One of the biggest advantages of spring hinge sunglasses is that their flexibility makes them harder to break. Spectacle arms with spring hinges offer a wider range of motion than standard hinged frames. This makes it more difficult to accidentally break the frame.

They are comfortable

The small spring hinges of these frames provide a gentler grip on your face. Some people may find the standard hinged frame a little too tight, which can cause headaches and general discomfort. Spring hinge sunglasses glasses offer more flexibility and a wider opening to provide a better fit.

They fit very well

The spring hinges use their flexibility to hold tightly to your face. This helps avoid accidental slips and falls during physical activity. Therefore, spring hinge sunglasses are perfect for jogging or sports.