Collection: Small Glasses for Women and Men

Both men and women with smaller or narrower faces need small glasses or narrow frames. Most of you buy regular-sized frames that keep slipping off your face. Or they look as big as you wear someone else's glasses. When we realized this problem, we built a lot of small glasses frames for this.

If you have a higher prescription, high-power prescription lenses look better with smaller frames.

Small Glasses for Women and Men
  • Billy $17
  • Page $17
  • Sabrina $23
  • Comet $17
  • Isla $17
  • Millicent $13
  • Zelda $13
  • Trocina $17

small glasses

For sizes 50mm and below you may need petite glasses. Small glasses are suitable for narrow faces. The size, shape and style features in this category of ANRRI are specially designed to fit small faces.

Make up your mind with our Virtual Try On Glasses feature

I think if you have a small face or a narrow face, it must be difficult to make a choice of glasses. Please use our online interface to try it out. Or upload a photo of yourself and wear it in 3D to see if it's the look you want and for your delicate face.