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Metal frame glasses have many advantages, such as certain hardness, good softness, good elasticity, wear resistance, corrosion resistance, lightweight, luster, and good color, so they are very popular among people.

Metal glasses for women and men

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We offer metal frame glasses in a variety of colors and styles. Sleek, bold and undeniably cool. Browse our collection of metal glasses for the best prices and highest quality lenses.

Why metal glasses are better?

Better For An Active Lifestyle – Metal frames are generally lighter and more flexible. For this reason people are drawn more towards metal frames that have an active lifestyle.

How long do metal glasses last?

Chemically, metal is fairly stable. It won't get brittle from UV exposure or degrade over time. This makes metal frames very durable. They can have shelf lives from 5 to 20 years.

Should I get metal glasses?

Benefits of Metal Eyeglass Frames

One of the biggest pros of alloy frames made of aluminum alloy, titanium, and stainless steel is the lightweight comfort they provide. So, feel free to try metal frames, it won't let you down.