Collection: Men's blue light glasses

ANRRI specialized men's blue light glasses will greatly reduce digital eye strain because of the fact that they filter out most of the blue light that is emitted from your screen. not only that, they don’t have a dark yellow tint that blue light blocking lenses from other brands have.

Men's blue light glasses

What is blue light and is blue light bad?

Blue light is part of visible light. It comes from the sun and is also present in the artificial light exposed by TVs, cell phones, and other digital screens. Also, too much blue light, especially from screen devices, is harmful to our eyes. Therefore, it is very important for users who regularly use digital devices to protect themselves from blue light damage.

What exactly do blue light glasses do?

Blue light-blocking glasses help avoid eye strain. Because blue light can affect your concentration. Blue light glasses help increase screen contrast, thereby reducing eye strain.

How do I know if I need blue light glasses?

If your eyes require prolonged use of electronics or get eyefatigue after using a digital screen, you need blue light glasses.