Collection: Medium Sized Eyeglasses

Finding a perfect pair of glasses is not that difficult. You may not be sure what your face shape is, or you may not be able to guarantee that the frames you choose will be the right size. Don't worry too much, you can't go wrong with medium glasses if the small glasses are too close to your head, or if the large frames tend to slip off your face. Styles in this size range from versatile rectangular frames to bold, stylish cat-eye glasses to retro, versatile round frames.

Medium Sized Eyeglasses
  • Capella $17
  • Acallaris $17
  • Domara $17
  • Ishtar $23
  • Imago $17

What are medium size eyeglasses?

People who wear Medium (M) size: You can choose from frames with lens widths between 51mm and 54mm, or sunglasses with lens widths between 56mm and 64mm.

How do I know if I need large or medium glasses?

Our small frames have lens diameters of 50mm or less.

Our medium frames have lens diameters from 51mm to 53mm.

Our large frames have lens diameters of 54mm and above.

 If small glasses fit too well, or large frames just slip off your face, only medium glasses are right for you! Styles in this size range from sleek, sophisticated rectangular frames to bold, high-profile cat eyes.