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How do blue light glasses work?

Blue light glasses work by incorporating filters into each lens. These filters absorb or reflect the range of light wavelengths that are perceived as blue by our eyes. This creates a barrier or shield that blocks harmful rays from reaching the retinas, protecting the eyes.

Blue light glasses are safe and do not damage the eyes. They work by filtering out harmful blue light wavelengths, which can help reduce eye fatigue and improve vision comfort. The only effect on the eyes is to reduce the strain caused by blue light, making it easier to view screens for longer periods of time without discomfort.

It is safe to wear blue light glasses all day. While monitors may be the primary source of blue light in our modern lifestyle, blue light is emitted by all light sources, including LEDs. Therefore, wearing blue light blocking glasses throughout the day can effectively filter out harmful blue light wavelengths from any light source, further protecting your eyes.