Why are glasses prone to problems?

Why are glasses prone to problems?

Common problems that are prone to eyeglasses include loose temples, shedding of frame surface material, lens wear, lens yellowing, and more. However, you must know that although these problems will almost inevitably appear, they can be made less serious or slow through daily habits in life. But many friends just don’t pay attention to them, but often do the following Behavior to hurt your glasses, which makes your glasses prone to the problems mentioned above.

1. It is very casual to take off and wear glasses

Nowadays, many people who wear glasses are accustomed to using one hand when taking off and wearing glasses, but they do not know that taking off and wearing glasses in this way can easily damage the temples. Because, taking off and wearing glasses with one hand can easily destroy the left and right balance, resulting in the loosening of the screws on the other side of the temple. Especially those with rude movements are likely to break the screws on the frame directly or cause the frame material to shatter directly.

2. Folding glasses are not in order

When many people fold their glasses, they fold them randomly! There are ways to fold glasses, and the correct folding starts from the left. Because most glasses frames are designed to be folded from the left side, if you fold the right side first, it is not only very laborious to fold, but also easy to cause the frame to deform.

3. Incorrect storage of glasses

Many people take off their glasses and put them away or throw them away casually, which will cause great damage to the lenses. The correct thing is to never place the mirror face down when placing it because it is easy to wear the central part of the lens when the mirror face down is placed. In addition, the glasses must be wrapped with glasses cloth when the glasses are put in because this can avoid scratches caused by friction between the glasses case and the lenses.

4. Improper cleaning of glasses

After wearing glasses for a long time, dust will accumulate on all corners of the glasses. For example, the slot between the frame and the lens, the solder pad area around the nose, and the fold of the frame. At this time, many people will use soap and hand sanitizer to rinse their glasses. As everyone knows, this can easily damage the glasses. Because most lenses are constructed with a multi-layer film, if you rinse the lenses with acidic or alkaline soap, it is easy to damage the lens from peeling. To make matters worse, many people use paper towels and clothes to dry wipe directly without protective measures, resulting in very serious lens wear. Recommended reading: 3 easy ways to clean blue light glasses

In addition, soaps containing saponin are prone to produce soap scum, which is deeply hidden in the slots of the frame, and most hand sanitizers will add grease, which not only cannot remove the grease on the lens but also will cause fog after washing. To clean the glasses correctly, you should use a special glasses cleaner, neutral dishwashing liquid, and special wipes.

5. Blindly wear glasses in the following places

When taking a bath, soaking in a hot spring, or taking a sauna, glasses cannot be worn in the bathroom or sauna. Because, when the lens encounters hot steam and hot water, it is easy to peel off the film, expand and deform, and cause the lens to peel off. Moreover, chemical molecules such as shampoo and shower gel in the air can also cause the glasses to corrode.

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