What face shape do cat eye glasses suit?

What face shape do cat eye glasses suit?

Cat-eye glasses have been the focus of the fashion world for decades. When they became popular in the early 1950s and early 1960s, the exaggerated style was the eyewear of choice for Hollywood's brightest stars. At the same time, it is also loved by girls.

These retro-inspired upturned edges add instant playful appeal. This distinctive cat-eye style has been in modern fashion for now. Next, the only question left is: Which face shapes are suitable for wearing cat-eye glasses?

Cat eyeglasses are perfect for an oval face.

When it comes to glasses, people with oval faces can wear almost any type of glasses they fancy. Their facial features can be said to be very well-proportioned, so even a unique style like this will suit them well. Upturned rims, thicker temples, and rounded lenses – it all looks so natural on an oval face!Oval face wearing cat eye sunglasses

Cat-eye glasses and sunglasses for square faces

If you are still wondering which face shape is suitable for wearing cat-eye glasses, people with square faces should breathe a sigh of relief! When it comes to all kinds of glasses, glasses lovers with square faces have the opportunity to make a bold statement. The key is to choose a round or oval frame. If a person with a square face chooses a square or rectangular frame, it is likely to give people the illusion that the face is squarer than it actually is! Rounded frames contrast the strong lines of a square face, so a pair of cat-eye glasses with rounder lenses will make you look sharper and stand out.

Diamond face vs cat eyeglasses and sunglasses

Cat eyeglasses are also great for a diamond face. However, those with this particular face shape should definitely opt for narrower styles. The overall size of the glasses shrunk, and the frames elongated to the sides, making them more angular. This choice will keep your facial features symmetrical and centered around your nose and cheeks. If you buy a pair that fits your face, you risk making your features look unbalanced!Diamond face woman wearing cat eye glasses

Cat-eye glasses and sunglasses for round faces

People with round faces can wear round glasses to make their faces look rounder, while cat-eye glasses can make their faces more three-dimensional. A round face with sharp-edged cat-eye frames will visually make the facial contours more harmonious. So people with round faces should not miss the opportunity to try cat eyeglasses.round face woman wearing cat eye glasses

All in all, one sentence sums it up: the shape of the face must be the opposite of the style of the glasses. Example: Avoid round frames for round faces, square frames for square faces, etc.

No matter how unremarkable your outfit, a stylish pair of cat eyeglasses/sunglasses will give you a chic attitude. They're perfect for vacation outings, shopping trips, and anything in between.

On the other hand, a pair of brightly colored cat-eye glasses can brighten up your face and add fun to any cute look. If you are curious and interested, please visit the ANRRI EYEWEAR store page to pick up more cat eye items. 

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