Autumn Collection

Autumn Collection

As the seasons' change, so should your glasses. Frame styles and lens types continue to trend and evolve. With that in mind, I think, you might be wondering which top styles will be making waves in Fall 2022.

Whether you're interested in glasses or sunglasses, we've got the best autumn glasses for you.

What type of glasses are best for fall?

A common eyewear trend for 2022 is larger, bolder styles. Cat-eye, oversized, round-frame glasses, or aviator glasses are undoubtedly the fashion this year.

You can also choose frame color at any time. Choose from leopard, reddish-brown, or tortoise to blend in perfectly with your fall outfit. Of course, if you're looking for a surefire shade, black, silver, and gold never fail to look trendy.

Oversized fall glasses

The bigger the better. Because in recent years, oversized frames have become popular again. From butterfly to geometric to round, you can't go wrong with these large, striking frames.  

Beautiful woman wearing oversized glasses.

Cat-eye autumn glasses

This elegant, feminine style has been popular for decades. Cat eye frames look retro and timeless. But if you have a round face, choose a square or rectangular frame. On the other hand, if your face is more angular, an oval is preferred.

Beautiful woman wearing cat eye glasses.

Square autumn glasses

Another classic with a more masculine look, square glasses make a bold look whenever they appear. Don't be fooled by that outdated gender marker, though. These sizes are perfect for both men and women.

Beautiful woman wearing square glasses.

Round & Rectangle Fall Glasses

Round frames best represent the retro-chic look one needs. Meanwhile, will rectangular glasses really go out of fashion? No chance! These two styles fit nearly every face shape, so feel free to let your heart be your guide when it comes to round and rectangular sizes.

Beautiful woman wearing round glasses.

What type of sunglasses are best for fall?

Fall foliage and wind can create combinations to kick up debris, making glasses even more important in the fall. Owning a pair of stylish and simple sunglasses is the most direct and perfect solution to protect your eyes. In conclusion, having a trustworthy pair of sunglasses for fall is just as important for summer or any other season. Gradient lenses and shades are perfect for the softer light of fall. You want to protect your eyes, but you also want to be able to see all the beautiful colors fall has to offer. These lenses will provide the same strong UV protection, while also being light enough to allow the true color to pass through the lenses.

Gradient Sunglasses: Fall Styles

Gradient lenses are perfect for fall and are safe to use indoors and out. They provide protection against lower intensity UVA/UVB rays while also allowing visibility when indoors.

Gradient lenses work by limiting intense glare from the sun when driving at dawn or dusk. At the same time, they give you the option to see through the lighter part of the lens for indoor use.

Beautiful woman wearing gradient sunglasses.

Tinted Sunglasses: Fall Styles

Looking for more colors? Tinted sunglasses offer all the protection of gradient sunglasses, with full tinted lenses for added UVA/UVB protection.

Colors like yellow, tawny, red, leopard, and gold are some of our favorite fall shades, each with added benefits for specific conditions.

Beautiful woman wearing tinted sunglasses.

Mirrored Sunglasses: Fall Styles

Mirrored lenses enhance true colors and bring the world around you to life. This provides a great benefit in the fall when the foliage changes and everything are more colorful.

Remember: mirror lenses are more prone to scratches. If you want to maintain good maintenance with minimal effort, consider a scratch-resistant lens coating.

Beautiful woman wearing mirrored sunglasses.

Now that you know the benefits of gradient, tinted, and mirrored lenses for fall, there's no reason your eyes should stop you from experiencing fall beauty. Enjoy the colors of fall foliage while knowing that your eyes are protected by our high-quality lenses at an affordable price.

Get ready for fall with these beautiful styles and more from ANRRI!

Whether you're looking for eyeglasses or sunglasses this fall, we've got tons of trending styles to choose from. ANRRI offers thousands of frames throughout the year. All of our frames are designed in-house, eliminating middlemen and converting cost savings directly to your advantage.

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